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Multi use Infineni Nursing Cover Nursing Scarf Car seat Cover Nursing Poncho Nursing Canopy for Breastfeeding Baby Breathable Soft Full 360 Coverage

Finally! A cover that holds fabric up for you so you don't have to.

See Baby & Baby Sees You

Multiuse Infineni Nursing Cover for Nursing in Public to See Baby Latch and Bond while Breastfeeding Handsfree for Mom Canopy for Best Air Circulation Car Seat Cover Nursing Scarf and Nursing Poncho Grown and Made in America

Nursing friendly patented canopy design for unmatched comfort & privacy

Cover Without the Smother

fashionable. handsfree. multifunctional. 360 coverage. US grown & Made

More than just a pretty cover.

Breathable & safe. Never sags after repeated use.

More Air for Baby

Scarf + Canopy + Car Seat Cover + Poncho

Versatile and Fashionable


"I really love how light the fabric is and I absolutely LOVE how I can see my baby without something laying on his face! It can be used in so many different ways."

-Sara Long (Tasi Blue)

"I had the Copper Pearl stretchy nursing cover initially but I always had to ask my husband to hold the opening for me in order to see my baby's face and my baby would also get too hot and stuffy under there. The infineni was a game changer for me! The canopy design is genius"

-Mini Tran (Saipan Sand) 

"I'm a mother of three. I only successfully breastfed two o f the three of my babies. Most of that was in part by feeling confident to breastfeed in public. I had tried many nursing covers and like many other moms out there, the fabric draped over my baby's face or they would kick and pull it off because they were hot and I was left defeated and exposed. This led me to not want to leave home and eventually I gave up and gave in, and switched to formula. This time around I wanted to be sure that I had all bases covered. As a plus sized woman I wanted something that would provide modesty for me and my baby and also something that wouldn't be too hot. I live on a tropical island where it's very humid. The fabric is perfect. It's durable but not too hot and unlike the apron type nursing covers, its full coverage wrap around design will ensure your privacy. The canopy is the icing on the cake. I love that I can see my baby without needing a hand to hold up the fabric. The infineni is the best maternity purchase I have made to date."

-Tara White (Latte Stone Grey & Saipan Sand) 

"I was gifted a nenikanopi by a very good friend for my newest addition. This cover has been a life saver for my exclusively pumping-nursing journey. The material is breathable which is a requirement here in Florida. I highly recommend this product and give it 5 stars!"

-Angelina Smith (Saipan Sand) 

Scarf・Canopy・Car Seat Cover・Poncho