From the Mariana Islands and now living in Upstate NY, Mama to three, wife, and founder of nenikanopi, LindyJo Larnard used what nursing covers were available, covers that draped over baby’s face, that were too hot and stuffy underneath, that had to be held up so she could see what she was doing… it was a struggle because holding baby and holding up nursing cover fabric at the same time, while trying to get a good latch can be frustrating. Not to mention moms who might need to use a nipple shield, who have mastitis, who experience any pain associated with breastfeeding, and the list goes on… a nursing cover should be breastfeeding friendly. A nursing cover you have to struggle with to see what you’re doing when breastfeeding is not breastfeeding friendly.

It’s 2019 and Moms still have to choose between a nursing cover that provides full coverage with multiuse options or line of sight to see baby and latch... it’s an either or scenario and it shouldn't have to be that way.

Why can’t moms have both? You and your baby deserve the best. A multiuse cover with handsfree line of sight, full coverage, is fashionable, and won’t drape over your baby’s face? Nothing like that existed.


So, she taught herself to sew and created the first prototype of the infineni, the first ever nursing scarf that converts into a canopy space for baby to nurse in without having fabric literally covering baby’s face. She wanted to find a nursing accessory designed for both mama & baby that can be modified to mom's needs without sacrificing baby's but there wasn't one. That's when the infineni was born. 

It's name came from the word 'neni', the Chamorro word for baby. Because the infineni can be used not only as an infinity scarf but as a canopy, a poncho, a portable pumping space, and a carseat cover, the multi-uses gave way to it being called the infineni, a play on the 'infinity' in infinity scarf. 

Fashion meets Function with BOTH mama & neni in mind. 


After lots of hard work (LOTS), different iterations, and lack of sleep, the infineni was ready to share with other mamas.

infineni sketch.jpeg

Not only was it a process to create something that no one understood because there's nothing out there like it, it was a long and difficult journey to find the awesome people she worked with to bring the infineni to fruition. Like parenthood, most things worth doing can come with crazy, new, exhausting, fun, scary, and beautiful moments... can't wait to see what's in store for you with nenikanopi’s awesome American grown and made originals for your precious moments.