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National Parent Product Awards

Moms love products that can serve more than one purpose and Infineni is just that-- four products in one," says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. "It's a scarf, a canopy, a car seat cover and a poncho. And the fabric is soft and pretty.

Infineni by nenikanopi National Parenting Product Awards Best Nursing Cover Multi use Cover for Mom and Baby

Comments from evaluators:

"Wow! So pretty and love the fabric"

"I use it for pumping in public, use it as a scarf, use it as a canopy for the carseat/stroller and as a poncho"

"I like the hard inserts at the neck level, which allows me to peak in while I'm pumping to make sure my milk is going into the bottles"

"I like that it's big and wide enough to cover all around my body"

"I like that it's easy to fold and put back in the storage bag that it came with to keep it clean"


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Romper Mom Essentials
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Nursing Friendly Nursing Cover for Mom and Baby Multi-use Cover, Carseat Cover, Nursing Poncho, and Nursing Scarf Makes Breastfeeding in Public Easier