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Safety Information

Please use the infineni with care. Be sure to: 

  • Follow care instructions and read all safety information prior to use
  • Use infineni as intended and care for infineni properly as failure to do so may pose a hazard to you, your baby, or others. 
  • Never leave child unattended with infineni
  • Keep infineni away from heat sources
  • Always inspect inserts and infineni before use
  • Ensure inserts are handled with care
  • Make certain inserts are entirely enclosed within their respective tunnels prior to use
  • Properly roll and/or store infineni with inserts or inserts that are removed from infineni to keep insert's structural integrity
  • Keep all removed inserts and packaging (drawstring bag, tissue paper, etc.,) away from children at all times for risk of choking, strangulation, or suffocation
  • Always remove infineni from car seat prior to entering vehicle
  • Keep all infineni fabric (front & back) to exterior of car seat off baby at all times

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns, click here