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Why the Infineni Nursing Cover

Why the Infineni vs Another Brand?

With it’s patented design, the infineni does what no other cover can.

It holds fabric up for you so you don’t have to.✔️
Your baby sees you and you see your baby✔️
Latch, hold baby, and even pump while nursing all without holding anything up to see in.✔️
Optimal airflow so you and your little one are comfortable.✔️
Enjoy breastfeeding in complete privacy without the smother.✔️
Moms call it’s patented design genius.
Experience the FIRST & ONLY Handsfree Drape-free NURSING COVER.

Made of our custom American grown + made US Pima blend.
Designed with both mama and baby in mind. 
One size fits most.
Scarf + Canopy + Car Seat Cover + Poncho