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The 4 in 1 Infineni

Nursing & Pumping Suite

Scarf + Canopy + Car Seat Cover + Poncho

Grown + Made in America

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Handmade in NJ

Designed in New York

American Grown + Made Originals for Mama & Baby.


Our fun must-haves are not just designed and sourced, but grown & made in the US. In a sea of duplicates we bring you originals. Here's to your one-of-a-kind journey as a parent and the special moments you'll add to your story. We celebrate the craziness, the strange, the new, the good, the scary, & the beauty that comes with parenthood. We celebrate the #mamariginal. We celebrate you.

Introducing our first must-have, the infineni, a patent pending nursing + pumping must-have that modifies to mama's needs without sacrificing baby's.™

No more struggling with fabric to switch sides, properly latch, or even see baby. Keep unwanted fabric off your little one's face and your hands free. A nursing space designed for both mama and baby. The first & ONLY nursing scarf, canopy, car seat cover, and poncho that offers the option to keep fabric off baby's face without needing to hold up the fabric yourself.


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4 in 1 Infineni Suite